Monthly Sustaining Members Profile: Sandi & Ken Lerner

Why are the Lerner’s so passionate about The Faith Always Wins Foundation?

“There was a feeling of brotherhood regardless of religion or color or dress … we learned something about another culture.”

“Religion should not play a part in relationships … in terms of mine’s better than your’s or your’s doesn’t think like I do.”

“It was nice to see some of the things we all believe in are the same … that we are brothers under one God.”

Sandi and Ken Lerner invite you to join them as monthly sustaining members of Faith Always Wins!

As people of Jewish faith, the Lerner’s have heard, seen and felt hate directed toward them during their lifetime. They know the importance of focusing on kindness, education, improving dialogue and engaging with all faiths…to reach a friendlier climate in our world.

Any donation is helpful!

Your commitment to a monthly contribution assists us in sustaining our work year-round.

You can be the ripple, each and every day.
#betheripple for Faith Always Wins!

With appreciation for your attention and care of the work we do,
Mindy Corporon,
President FAWF

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