Mike Miller, Author, Co-Founder + President BeForte

Imagine arriving at an activity center to watch your child audition for a musical and as you arrive, get out of your car and make your way to the building, you walk into a crime scene:  A hate crime scene.

One of the victims is your father.  He is clearly deceased.

The other is your son, still alive but mortally wounded.  He too would later die.

Both, and one other, at the hands of a shooter; a shooter motivated by hatred for others.

None of us think it could ever happen to us or our family.  We hear about shootings in the news but that’s the news.  It is the thing of nightmares.

That nightmare was very real for Mindy Corporon who faced that very situation when a hate-filled, white-supremacist decided to take the lives or her father and son and one other because he thought they were Jewish.

On that fateful spring day in 2014 at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park KS, Mindy experienced everyone’s nightmare.  But the hate-filled actions of a person with evil intent could not crush her spirit.  Mindy knew, through her faith in God, that this act of evil was NOT God’s will. Rather, it was the evil that can happen because of a lack of understanding of others, a breeding ground for hate.

That day ended the life of her loved ones but was the beginning of a new life, a new normal, a calling, a new purpose, for Mindy. Now filled with a commitment to breaking down the barriers that divide us she strives to help others deepen their interfaith understanding around their similarities and differences.

As a good friend, I was there for Mindy and her family just after it happened.  Later that day, I tried to convince her that speaking in public the night of the shooting was not a good idea.  But I didn’t hear from God that day.  She did. She spoke. Since then Mindy has lived to promote dialogue and understanding in the world through three pillars, Kindness, Faith, and Healing, has not waivered.

Mindy Corporon is the Co-Founder of the Faith Always Wins (FAW) Foundation.  FAW was created in 2014 after Mindy’s father William L. Corporon, MD, her son Reat Underwood, and Terri LaManno, three Christians, were murdered by a white supremacist while at two Jewish facilities in the Kansas City area.  The organization’s values are:  Dialogue, kindness, respect and education.

The mission of the organization is to promote dialogue for the betterment of our world through three pillars:  Kindness, Faith, and Healing.

Mindy is an everyday hero!


Mike Miller – Author
Co-Founder and President, BeForte

Faith Always Wins Foundation Board Member since 2014

Friend of Mindy’s family since 2004