Healing our Human Capital

I first heard the words “human capital” when I assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer for Boyer Corporon Wealth Management (BCWM) in 2007. It was in this year, I made a huge leap from investment advisor to investment advisor AND CEO.

Human Capital as defined by the Global Human Capital Report 2017, “we mean the knowledge and skills people possess that enable them to create value in the global economic system. Human capital is not defined solely through formal education and skilling. It can be enhanced over time, growing through use—and depreciating through lack of use—across people’s lifetimes. The Global Human Capital Index featured in this Report thus treats human capital as a dynamic rather than fixed concept.”

Important to note the phrase, “dynamic rather than fixed concept”. To me, this is life in action. The ups, the downs, the $%^& that happens and all the good stuff, too. The dynamics of life typically require specialcare and effort. These dynamics require a healing process through listening, engaging and true heart-based care.’

My parents taught me about entrepreneurship and heart-based care. My father was a physician, owning his practice for over 30 years. My mother oversaw their clinic; hiring and terminations, billing and patient communication. While they were showing me what it looked like to own and run a business, I saw them delight in their team with birthday lunches, office holiday parties and storytelling. They enjoyed engaging with their team through listening to them. These practices were shared with their patients, too. It was common when my father would grocery shop to encounter frequent interruptions from other shoppers who happened to be patients. As a young girl, impatient, I am sure, this was tormenting. Grocery shopping with dad took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Yet, at his side, I learned his kind and gentle way of caring for others. I was lucky.

Funny how life works. When I put these two pieces together, my upbringing with an entrepreneur in healthcare and my role as a CEO…I found a love for caring for my team.

The Faith Always Wins Foundation stands on three pillars; Kindness, Faith and Healing. It is clear how my life experiences led me to all three pillars. I learned, from my childhood experiences in my parents’ medical practice how important their team members were to them and to their patients. I innately knew as the CEO of a growing wealth management firm that if our team members were happy, healthy, feeling valued and cared for…our clients would undoubtedly feel the same.

In a 2015 video produced by Sarah Haralson (Fortune), Geoff Colvin, author of “Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-class Performers From Everybody Else” and Senior Editor at Large for Fortune Magazine, states “Human capital is the most important asset in every kind of company no matter the industry it is in.”

My parents knew this in 1980 and I am thankful they passed it on to me.

When problems arise in your work place, take a look at your human capital…in case you have any confusion on what this is, it is the humans working with you. Is your human capital healthy, have they been provided an opportunity to heal from life’s dynamics? Are they being listened too, being truly cared for with heart-based care?

One form of healing is through celebrating your team members and building relationships with them. I love celebrating the team members’ birthday’s, acknowledging a special day in their lives with a card signed by everyone in the office. How do you acknowledge your team? Share your ideas with me at mindy@mindycorporon.com.

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