Grief is Not New for Many

Seven Days Movement reacts to Wednesday's Capitol attack... my story below...

Posted by Alan Shope on Thursday, January 7, 2021
Vice President Mike Pence stated, “To those who wreaked havoc in our Capitol today: you did not win.”

Seven Days Movement reacts to Wednesday’s Capitol attack

Interviewed by Alan Shope with KMBC, Channel 9 on January 7, we talked through the siege on the capitol in Washington D.C. the day prior. He called me to ask what Faith Always Wins Foundation was saying and thinking during this time. It’s simple, really. We are thinking and saying the same thing we have over the past six years of our existence.

Hate is Loud, Ugly and can include Violence

Hate is loud, ugly and can include violence, as it did when my father and son were murdered by a white supremacist in April 2014. One man wanted Jews dead that day. He illegally gathered guns, made a plan and took action at the Jewish Community Center and The Village Shalom both in Overland Park, Kansas. Three innocent, caring and loving people were gunned down because he hated enough to do so.

Hate rhetoric had flowed from his voice for years. As social media provided him the opportunity his evil ideology reached more via neo-nazi websites and message boards. This same hate rhetoric, allowed to continue, exploded in the violent actions  he took against my 69-year old father, 14 year-old son and another woman, 53 year-old Theresa LaManno.

I know what it feels like to grieve due to one person’s hate filled plan. Millions of others know grief from years of marginalization, bullying, systemic racism, daily micro-aggressions and outright discrimination based on faith, color and/or gender. As Covid-19 entered our world, so did a collective grief and then shallow if not sometimes shouting anger followed. Anger is a cousin to grief and finds its way into each of us as humans.  Feeling anger and grief makes us human, the same as feeling love and joy.

I was embarrassed and angry at what we saw happen at the capitol for many reasons…US citizens subverting our government, the lack of law enforcement in place for a significant crowd gathered with intention to change the electoral vote and the continued hate propaganda on clothing with the words “Camp Auschwitz” are all detrimental.

While grief and anger are hanging over our United States of America there are still millions of people holding on to hope. We have enough hope, enough people holding onto the cherished values of our shared God, and our humanity that we will find a way to walk this journey together…all of us. We don’t have to agree on how to get where we are going. We don’t even have to all go to the same place. We do need to agree to be kind to one another as we pass by on our way to our selected destination.

We can overcome the hateful rhetoric if we talk to one another. You listening to me, offers me value. My listening to you offers you value. This is called a conversation. Conversations consist of listening, talking and listening.

What is missing from my interview with Alan Shope, I am certain because of time and not content, is my plea for an understanding of one another. Listening to each other tell our stories, in full, not in sound bites. There is no way to make this happen on any social media outlet. True conversation and communication are needed.

Seventh Annual SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World

The Faith Always Wins Foundation is producing our seventh annual SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World experience this April 2021. You will have seven (7) opportunities to listen, learn and engage with kind, caring, loving people who want to show you what HOPE looks like. You will have ONE (1) opportunity to join us in-person for our Kindness Walk on April 25 at the National World War I Museum and Memorial. Your registration of $20 provides a SevenDays® t-shirt and a SevenDays® face mask – social distancing will be in place.

Our foundation, Faith Always Wins hosts 30 high school students in our Kindness Youth Leadership Team.  These students are mentored in volunteerism, philanthropy, creation and implementation of SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World and all of it with KINDNESS at the forefront. Our students engage and seek to understand one another as they come from various backgrounds. With a common intention and a plethora of avenues to reach it, they have…live conversations with one another to reach conclusions. Everyone cannot get their way. But each “way” selected can be a win-win for all.

We are encouraging a community of young people to listen, share and communicate in a civil manner finding HOPE in our world. Your financial contributions sustain the mission of Faith Always Wins to promote dialogue for the betterment of our world through kindness, faith and healing.

Let’s make it happen in 2021.

Stay safe, wear a face cover to protect yourself and your loved ones!

Mindy Corporon, President
Faith Always Wins Foundation a 501c-3 Organization
TIN 47-2237780

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