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Thinking About Healing

We need to heal when we have a bruise, an open wound or a broken body part and of course, a broken heart. I have had each of these in my almost 50 years. I have been bruised, mended an open wound, broken my left elbow (twice, which could be a blog someday) and I live life with a broken heart. Each of them required a different technique(s) to obtain what one would call, healed.


Father Figures

Thinking about my dad as I look forward to June 17, 2018 – Father’s Day – I contemplate my own father and the men in my life who were father figures. This past week I spent a few days in my home town of Marlow, OK. Walking down memory lane with the intentionality to explore my roots, upbringing and engage in adult conversation about my childhood, I found myself with Leroy Loveless.