Shout the Good

Frequently, we are prompted by the spirit in our hearts to call a friend, send a smiley face on a text, hold the door longer for a stranger and ask the cashier how their day is

Making a Ripple with Art and Light

Making a Ripple with Art and Light

For the second year in a row, SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World asked youth, to enter an art competition that would be the creation of our button images. I had the pleasure of interviewing 7 of our 8 SevenDays® Button Art Winners over the past two days. Seventh grade to seniors in high school, they have the wisdom to make a ripple of kindness and change the world.

It Takes Courage to Redirect Someone from Hate

Today is World Kindness Day. Isn’t that nice? Wouldn’t it be great if we spent as much time on World Kindness Day as we do on say, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and maybe even birthday’s, after the age of 21? In honor of World Kindness Day I am sending you this message filled with admiration for the kindness you have offered me and my family. Thank you!