Finding Onward

There are many paths to finding our Onward. Personally, I can count 10. My definition of “onward” is, those actions and processes taken in a healthy dose which help move a person from a place of difficulty into a forward trajectory.

Shout the Good

Frequently, we are prompted by the spirit in our hearts to call a friend, send a smiley face on a text, hold the door longer for a stranger and ask the cashier how their day is

Making a Ripple with Art and Light

Making a Ripple with Art and Light

For the second year in a row, SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World asked youth, to enter an art competition that would be the creation of our button images. I had the pleasure of interviewing 7 of our 8 SevenDays® Button Art Winners over the past two days. Seventh grade to seniors in high school, they have the wisdom to make a ripple of kindness and change the world.