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Her Mission: To 'Connect, inspire, empower community.' JoCo woman's skills help many.

Alana Muller, Board Member, SevenDays
June 29, 2021
Su Bacon ׀ The KC Star

Mindy Corporon remembers meeting Alana Muller in 2012 after Muller had started Coffee Lunch Coffee. Two years later, Corporon would seek out Muller’s help as she started her foundation, Faith Always Wins Foundation.

“She’s a strategic thinker. She helped me build the steps to get there,” says Corporon.

And, she did. Muller helped Corporon understand how boards work and helped create the Foundation’s mission statement. Muller has been volunteering since 2015 to help with programming and activities, and to conduct one of the seven daily sessions.

Muller joined the foundation’s board in February 2021.

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