through kindness, faith and healing


SevenDays® is making plans for spreading kindness in 2022!

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Faces of a generation who receive the accolades of your generosity and our resources.

Since 2014, SevenDays® Make A Ripple, Change the World has worked
to fulfill its mission to provide opportunities encouraging all people
to increase kindness through knowledge, mindset, and behaviors.

SevenDays® honors Reat UnderwoodWilliam Corporon, and Terri LaManno, whose lives were taken by hate. Kindness is their legacy.

Presenting SevenDays® in April 2022

♦ Promoting kindness through our daily themes of LOVE, DISCOVER, OTHERS, CONNECT, YOU, GO and ONWARD

♦ Hosting Button Art competition for high school students based on our daily themes encouraging kindness

♦ Providing scholarships to graduating high school seniors who created Ripple of Kindness projects in our community

♦ Honoring a local kindness champion with our 2022 Ripple of Kindness Award

♦ Fostering “SevenDays® City” partnerships – working directly with our communities to offer kindness ideas and activities

♦ Providing kindness resources for businesses, schools, and organizations through our website:

♦ Engaging schools and youth organizations to promote kindness, providing them with additional kindness curriculum based on state education standards

♦ Mentoring future leaders through our Kindness Youth Leadership Team

Your financial contributions make each activity a possibility!

Leadership + Friendships = Kindness Youth Leadership Team

KIndness Youth Leadership Team

SevenDays® Kindness Youth Leadership Team (KYLT) Applications are live!

Do you know a high school student who is looking for an amazing opportunity?

Please share the link to this application with area teens, teachers, counselors, parents and grandparents.

We look forward to meeting our new Kindness Youth Leadership Team members.

Healing a Shattered Soul

Friends, thank you for holding my hand, walking alongside me and encouraging me on my healing journey. Writing my memoir has been a cathartic process in my own healing and I pray what is shared offers inspiration, hope and peace to those who need it.

Together we are one.

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The SevenDays® team occasionally identifies an opportunity to spread some much-needed kindness. When someone has been a target of hate, we must let them know that darkness can be overcome with light. Kindness and love drive out hate.

As simply and profoundly as Martin Luther King, Jr. stated “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”


Our faith pillar engages students and adults from different faith & non-faith traditions in civil discourse for the purpose of discovering differences & commonalities.

Faith Pillar Peace among the world
YOU Day - Day 5 of SevenDays®
YOU Day - Day 5 of SevenDays®
YOU Day - Day 5 of SevenDays®
YOU Day - Day 5 of SevenDays®


Our HEALING pillar encourages ALL of US to take care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually on our YOU Day – Day 5 of SevenDays®.