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2020 SevenDays®


A message from our founder, Mindy Corporon

Friends, I hope this message allows you a moment to breathe.  The chaos of our quickly changing world and the evidence of this significant life disruption taking place, takes our breath away.

Seriously, breathe in while counting to 4. Now, breathe out while counting to 7. Try it one more time. Our brains need oxygen. When we are overcome with changes in our lives, causing anxiety, we forget to breathe well enough for our brain to continue thinking clearly.

Now, think about an act of kindness someone has provided to you in the past few days.  My son, Lukas, gave me an unsolicited hug. He also thanked me for taking care of him. He’s an 18-year-old. He melted my heart.

Adjust your thinking to what you can do for someone you know, or perhaps don’t know. What act of kindness can you offer?  Some examples are provided, below.

In the pandemonium of COVID-19, we are addressing SevenDays®️ Make a Ripple, Change the World.  Our mission to provide opportunities to increase kindness through knowledge, mindset and behaviors is strong and necessary. Necessary now, more than ever.

When asked to clarify why I feel strongly about our continuing with a virtual experience rather than a blanket postponement or cancellation I felt a deep ache in my heart.

I know disaster. I lived it. I survived it. Many others were also affected but not to the extent of our own families. During my personal disaster I learned to sit in it for a while; assess my personal damages and the damages surrounding me. Then, take one step at a time.

I did not know the changes that would take place in my life or that of my family. I did know, feel and hold the pain of what had already occurred. We don’t know the extent of what will occur in our communities, businesses and families from COVID-19. We do have specific instructions on how to keep ourselves healthy and stop the spread of the virus, while not endangering ourselves and others.

In our current situation with COVID-19, I know that our foundation and our SevenDays® experience can be a light for those most seeking it.

We can lighten the burden of loneliness placed on those sequestered and quarantined from daily activities. I know we can engage one another from our hearts without being in the same room, building or state.

After 7 conference calls on Monday, March 16 – I am excited to tell  you we feel confident in providing amazing, interactive experiences from a virtual platform. While we do not have each of our themed days completely re-tooled for production, we have some wonderful committee chairs and team members with encouraging ideas for YOU.

Currently, we are working to re-tool LOVE, DISCOVER, OTHERS, CONNECT, YOU and GO themed days. Each of these have incredible potential to provide opportunities to increase kindness though knowledge, mindset and behaviors via a virtual platform allowing healthy social distancing for all participants.

This means, we are creating experiences you can join and be part of from your personal computer, in your own home!

ONWARD! While we all are working to find our personal onward from COVID-19, finding ways to stay away from one another and keep a healthy immune system we are also under a city and state mandate to not host an event with more than 50 people present until mid-May.

Therefore, Faith Always Wins Foundation is postponing our Kindness Walk, currently scheduled for Sunday, April 26, until further notice. We will continue discussions with our fantastic host site, the National World War I Museum and Memorial for a date that works, once humanity can reunite.

Friends, we must work together. I survived my disaster, my tragedy because a group of people came together to help us breathe again, help us walk again and simply learn to live one day at a time. We can unite, virtually and lift one another up in this time, too.

Now, you’re thinking, what about those acts of kindness?

  • For any children at home, ask them to color some pages, create a card or decorate a craft for the elderly; deliver them (with clean hands) to your neighbors and/or a nursing home. Receiving a colored picture of pretty flowers is joyful!
  • Feeling like baking? Bake some treats for the fire and police station in your neighborhood. They are on the front lines helping take care of us.
  • Write a prayer, a message of thanks or a friendly note to the healthcare providers near you. When you drive through your local Walgreen’s or CVS (you get the idea), drop it off for them. Pastor Linda Jaberg (Howey Community Church) is making phone calls to businesses and healthcare workers with a prayer. This act of kindness can be multiplied in SO MANY WAYS!
  • Call your family members and talk with them (novel, I know). Reach out to friends to talk through the blessings you do have.
  • I use the Marco Polo app on my phone to stay in touch with friends and family – you can too.
  • Now, for YOU. Our daily routines have had to adjust, some more than others. Take care of you with a walk! Set an alarm on your phone or watch to walk around your home, walk around your apartment complex, walk outside if weather permits.  Walking, walking, walking will help you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically. **Walking also helps you breathe!

Together, we can promote dialogue for the betterment of our world through kindness, faith and healing!

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2020 SevenDays®

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Our kindness pillar is the SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World annual event. Engaging in acts of kindness through our seven themes- LOVE, DISCOVER, OTHERS, CONNECT, YOU, GO & ONWARD. We provide opportunities encouraging all people to increase kindness through knowledge, mindset and behavior!


Our faith pillar engages students and adults from different faith & non-faith traditions in civil discourse for the purpose of discovering differences & commonalities.

Faith Pillar Peace among the world
YOU Day - Day 5 of SevenDays®
YOU Day - Day 5 of SevenDays®
YOU Day - Day 5 of SevenDays®
YOU Day - Day 5 of SevenDays®


Our HEALING pillar encourages ALL of US to take care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually on our YOU Day – Day 5 of SevenDays®.